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After your initial consultation you will be scheduled for a Return/Follow-Up Visit.

The purpose of this visit is to discuss the results of any testing and/or to monitor your response to treatment. If testing has been done, your doctor will review the studies with you.  The data from testing will be used to make decisions about the diagnosis and its treatment. If you have been started on treatment with CPAP, if possible please bring your machine with you. 

You do not have to bring the humidifier (water container) unit.  If your machine has a data card,you can “pop it out” from the back of the machine and bring the card to your appointment rather than the CPAP unit. Some machines have a modem in back of the unit, and it you should leave it in and bring the CPAP with you.

The data card contains important information about your use of the device and how effectively it controls your sleep apnea. Medicare and many insurance companies require a review of these data. The information is collected by the CPAP and is then transferred to the data card. In some patients the data are sent by the modem directly to the DME.

At your appointment, your sleep physician may decide to alter the treatment pressure. Also any problems you have with the treatment can be addressed. (Please call the clinic if you need to have a question or problem that you feel needs attention before your scheduled appointment). Sometimes additional testing will be recommended. Often we will need to send orders to your DME specifying any changes in the treatment. They will then contact you and make these changes.

After your visit is complete, another visit will be scheduled so that your further progress can be reviewed. The frequency of follow-up visits decreases with time, and for stable patients this usually is once or twice a year, depending on your sleep problem. For patients treated with medication, we usually see you back every 6 months. 

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